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Letter Gothic L

Letter Gothic L font

Letter Gothic was designed for IBM between 1956 and 1962 for use on the Selectric typewriter. Letter Gothic is a monospaced, sans serif face that can be useful for technical documentation and tabular work.

DR Krapka Square

DR Krapka Square font

In the DR Krapka Square typefamily, the pixel has a square shape. The font supports OpenType features and contains small capitals, ligatures, oldstyle figures, terminal forms, historical forms, stylistic sets. The dingbats, arrows, emoji...

TT Interphases Pro

TT Interphases Pro font

TT Interphases useful links:Specimen | Graphic presentation | Customization optionsPlease note! If you need OTF versions of the fonts, just email us at commercial@typetype.orgIntroducing the updated interface font TT Interphases Pro!Many are…


Slazer font

Slazer is a futurist font designed for a dynamic and powerful effect when it comes to science, technology, games, web, cellphones and electronics. All glyphs are open, straight and smooth, enhancing their connection with...


Linkus font

The name ‘Linkus’ makes reference to the internet and its power to unite humanity, as well as to Linkus’ distinctive design, where the whole character is unified by a single, unbroken line – without...


Densa font

Densa font family has been designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells in 2020. It is a condensed sans serif typeface with some unconventional display endings. Its condensed design makes it very effective...


Tabique font

Tabique is a typeface inspired by architecture and construction, built from geometric planes with straight lines, his glyphs has been designed to be heavy and connect as if they were concrete blocks.