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Komoda Font Komoda.otf Freeware – 1 font file Download 212953 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallKomoda.otf Komoda is a display, sans serif typeface suitable for headlines, editorial and poster design. This font is free for personal...

Elegant Lux Mager

Elegant Lux Mager Font ElegantLux-Mager.otf Free for personal use – 1 font file Download 59697 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallElegantLux-Mager.otf Current state ~600 glyphs, lots of ligatures, alternates & language support. working on 5 matching...


Brig Font Brig.ttf Freeware – 1 font file Download 48469 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallBrig.ttf

Dilem Handwritten

Dilem Handwritten Font Dilem.ttf Free for personal use – 1 font file Download 42966 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallDilem.ttf Dilem Handwritten was initially intended to be an uppercase typeface. It is derived of my handwriting,...


BERNIER Font BERNIER™-Shade.ttf BERNIER™-Regular.ttf BERNIER™-Distressed.ttf Freeware – 3 font files Download 41123 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallBERNIER™-Distressed.ttf A vintage look BERNIER™ a free and comes with 3 different styles (Regular, Distressed & Shade). It is...

High Tide

High Tide Font hightide1.ttf Freeware – 1 font file Download 36078 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallhightide1.ttf Alternative font

Silent Lips

Silent Lips Font Silent-Lips.ttf Silent_Lips-Bold.ttf Freeware – 2 font files Download 35024 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallSilent_Lips-Bold.ttf Silent Lips is an experimental font.


ZEBRAZIL Font ZEBRAZIL-Zarni1.ttf Freeware – 1 font file Download 32792 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallZEBRAZIL-Zarni1.ttf ZEBRAZL FONT is free.

Zorus Serif

Zorus Serif Font Zorus_Serif.otf Zorus_Serif_Italic.otf SIL Open Font License (OFL) – 2 font files Download 26944 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallZorus_Serif_Italic.otf If ever you use this font in a project, tell me ! And by...

Blaze Radley

Blaze Radley Font BlazeRadley.ttf Free for personal use – 1 font file Download 26181 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallBlazeRadley.ttf An elegant handwritten display typeface design. I was inspired by the characters of the amazing cartoon...