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Bogart font


Sucesion Slab

Sucesion Slab font

This font Slab Serif corresponds to the series of typefaces built proportions derived from mathematical sequences. An experiment in the sense of proportion, to define all I have relied mainly on the Fibonacci sequence,...

Obcecada Serif

Obcecada Serif font

Obcecada Serif es una tipografía geométrica slab serif muy condensada y fina con acabado redondeado en las astas y uniones con ascendentes y descendentes cortos.===========Obcecada Serif is a very condensed geometric fine finish rounded slab...


Lausanne font

Lausanne font is something I have been working in the past year. It character borrows from classic Didot examples with a hint of Copperplate and my main idea here was sparkled by these high...

d La Cruz

d La Cruz font

Tipografía condensada semi-serif con una grueso borde.===========Condensed semi-serif typeface with big outline.===========• Sólo para uso personal.• Licencia comercial disponible en mi web• Only for personal use.• Commercial license for sale on my website


Frinco font

FRINCO is a free elegant, simple, uppercase-only. Enjoy! FRINCO on Benance


S-Arial font

This typeface was designed for a school project. The concept was to redesign an operation system font. I slabbed Arial. It works in text and in headlines too.