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Parley Font parley-regular.ttf parley-bold.ttf Freeware – 2 font files Download 24472 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallparley-bold.ttf Parley typeface has got two wheights, Regular and Bold


BEESWAX Font BEESWAX.ttf Free for personal use – 1 font file Download 20286 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallBEESWAX.ttf BeesWax font

Hans Kendrick

Hans Kendrick Font HansKendrick-Regular1.otf SIL Open Font License (OFL) – 1 font file Download 18147 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallHansKendrick-Regular1.otf Hans Kendrick 3.0 is a geometric grotesk typeface. Download the free regular weight.


Frinco Font FRINCO1.ttf Freeware – 1 font file Download 15402 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallFRINCO1.ttf FRINCO is a free elegant, simple, uppercase-only. Enjoy! FRINCO on Benance


Universe Font Universe.ttf Freeware – 1 font file Download 14997 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallUniverse.ttf


TrueLove Font TrueLove.ttf TrueLove-bold.ttf Attribution CC BY – 2 font files Download 12312 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallTrueLove-bold.ttf This font is inspired by the old school tattoo typography. Only letters, numbers, dash and dot available.


zwodrei Font zwodrei_bold_demo1.ttf Free for personal use – 1 font file Download 12121 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallzwodrei_bold_demo1.ttf


Manteka Font manteka.ttf Freeware – 1 font file Download 12025 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallmanteka.ttf Manteka font

Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo Font ROSETAT-TRIAL___.ttf Free for personal use – 1 font file Download 9484 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallROSETAT-TRIAL___.ttf Rose Tattoo font  


Corki Font Corki-Regular.otf Corki-TuscanRounded.otf Corki-Rounded.otf Corki-Tuscan.otf Freeware – 4 font files Download 7412 downloads Character Mapspecimen sheetwaterfallCorki-Tuscan.otf Corki V.02