font_designer: Erica Jung

True Gore

True Gore font

True Gore is an all-caps display font with two bloody options for each letter and numeral. A horrific pick for your dreadful designs, you bet. Just perfect for book and album covers, packaging, t-shirts,...


Lunatique font

Lunatique is a highly decorative font, available in three widths, with extended language coverage as well as alternates for some glyphs.This font is inspired by Lucky typeface, designed in 1972 by André Pless for...

Acid Green

Acid Green font

Acid Green has quite a psychedelic flair, but its origins are from long before the sixties psychedelia.Its roots date back to 1914, from an unnamed alphabet by J.M. Bergling, the amazing jewelry engraver and...

Lunatique Rounded

Lunatique Rounded font

Lunatique Rounded is the soft version of Lunatique, a highly decorative font, available in three widths, with extended language coverage as well as alternates for some glyphs. And quite a seventies flair, isn’t it?This...


Chorine font

Chorine is a retro face, impacting and comfy, available in two cuts. It’s great for vintage, nostalgic and psychedelic pieces yet also for creative contemporary designs. Chorine sounds sixties, sounds seventies and sounds perfectly...


Aquatronik font

Aquatronik is a decorative display face with a somewhat retro-futuristic flair. It brings alternate glyphs for some letters and numerals and has extended language coverage, speaking more than 200 languages. The family includes three...


Allotropic font

Allotropic is a pretty decorative face with a remarkable art nouveau flair. It loosely draws inspiration from a 1914 untitled alphabet by J.M. Bergling, a then “Modern Alphabet”, and from its interpretation by Photo-Lettering,...


Search font

Search is a brush script font, seasoned with unconventional choices here and there – ‘Hey, they are everywhere!’, one may say, and that’s okay. This is a contemporary upbeat font with loads of personality...


Grok font

Bold as love, Grok is a hand-drawn typeface, assertive but soft. Showy and friendly.It’s an all caps font with 2 choices for each letter, accessible via keyboard upper and lower case slots. For that...


Cachalote font

Positively bold, Cachalote was drawn by subtracting negative space. The resulting glyphs show unexpected, original forms, packed in an unicase font. Suited for impact. For the coolest looks. Positively.