font_designer: Rian Hughes


Breach font

Beach is a geometric stencil font in two variants. Powerful, futuristic and unique.


Wilko font

Wilko is the carnival barker of typefaces. Bold, impactful yet friendly, with two decorative variants. No frills, no corners, no messing. When you want to say it loud and clear.


Farthing font

“Classy eccentricity” — Farthing evokes elegant traditional serif styles, playful but poised. Farthing is a serif face in five weights, with alternate characters and both lining and old style numerals.Suitable for both headline and...

Sheffield Fiesta

Sheffield Fiesta font

Based on the brutalist concrete landmark nightclub in Sheffield, reportedly the largest in Europe.It is now the Odeon Cinema, between Arundel Gate and Pond Street.

Grange Text

Grange Text font

Grange Text is optimised for smaller text sizes, having more open character shapes and spacing. Use the non-text version of Grange for larger sizes and headlines, which has tighter spacing and detailing.Grange is the...


Fomalhaut font

A modern, geometric sans serif display font with a hint of the future and the alien. The familiar letter-shapes are reimagined, with key stokes being placed in unusual positions without impacting the readability. The...


Disclosure font

Disclosure is suggestive of low-grade digital output, screen displays, fax machines, or high-speed data transfer. It is missing vertical sections, perhaps due to a faulty print head or signal degradation. It is intentionally monospaced...


Chassis font

A hefty, powerful geometric sans with weight and presence. The unusual counters are defined by lines which cut into the letter shapes.


Valvolina font

Valvolina is a bold headline font inspired by Italian Futurism and the Moderne graphic design of the inter-war period. It uses elementary geometric shapes to build its characters, lending it an energy and punch....


Cynosure font

Cynosure is a humanist sans with a subtle thick/thin stress. This gives it a clean, sharp elegance and precision that can be missing in some more familiar monoline sans faces.The wide range of weights...