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Futrista font

Futrista started out as a side project in order to learn more about the process of creating fonts. It was quite daunting at start, but gradually became much easier and fun. I do not...


Aventura font

Free font for personal and commercial use, enjoy!


Floki font

God and Jötunn. A little bit of both. The wry smile that winds between the fjords and mountains. The whispers that creeps through houses. High above and down below. As a pillar and foundation,...


PORT118 font

PORT118 is a free uppercase typeface inspired by port cities and the typography on ships that pass by their shores and lay in the docks. A strong, clear typeface that fits their character. 


Finity font

The task was to create a modern, clean typeface, which is inspired by future technologies. Finity combines the complexity of the mechanical systems with the simplicity of the lines. The font is for personal...


Blanka font

BLANKA is a free modern and minimalist font designed by Emmeran Richard. You can use it for both commercial and personal ways. Feel free to comment or give me feedback.