Author: kiddiefonts

Bear Faced

Bear Faced font

I wanted to create a new donationware Charity Font based on the Pudsey Pawprint #bearfaced no-makeup selfie campaign, in aid of the BBC’s annual Children in Need 2014 fundraising event held on Friday 14th...

Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap font

Ever since playing these classic board games with my two children and my 4 year old son telling me that the blue boot looks like the letter ‘L’ I have wanted to create a...

Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse font

I have wanted to create a comic typeface based on one of my favorite TV shows from my childhood. So this is for all you would be Rodent Secret Agents out there ! He’s...



Created for the shear enjoyment of it after of watching my 7 year old son create amazing architectural structures on his iPad mini . He loves playing this retro game and using this font...



I have always loved this Eastman and Laird comic book franchise I wanted to create a rough edged font based on the latest 2012 nickelodeon TV series titles the totally bodacious first release did...

SHARKBOY & lavagirl

SHARKBOY & lavagirl font

Fan-font based on the children’s film The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl, if you like it please tweet and share…

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig font

This is a Fan-based font based on the children’s TV series title font of the the same name. This font is FREE for personal use ONLY and is classed as Donationware all proceeds will...

Joshua Dawson aged 4

Joshua Dawson aged 4 font

This is a DEMO font please either contact OR visit our website for details



WANT SOME CANDY? font originally created for the sheer pleasure of finding out how many Chocolate and Candy Bars I could find that started with the letters of the alphabet I found 51 letters...