Author: Matt Ellis


Alcubierre font

Alcubierre is a geometric sans serif typeface stepping in the foot prints my original font Ikaros. Using the advantages to make a clean minimal font, it works for a variety of uses. Alcubierre is...


Arciform font

A geometric sans serif typeface with rounds and a light and fluffy feel.

Ikaros Sans

Ikaros Sans font

Ikaros is a free modern / minimal typeface. The first of many typefaces I hope to create. I hope you enjoy!


Athene font

Athene is a serif typeface with some modern geometric flair. It is able to suit many applications but is most suited as a display font. It is free for both personal and commercial projects.


Arctic font

Arctic is a modern slab serif typeface. Arctic is based on my original font Ikaros with many changes to make arctic its own, with its own feel. It is built with strong lines witch...