Author: spideray

Christmas Jumper

Christmas Jumper font

This font was created for my personal projects called Xmas Knit Font however I have decided to release this as donationware on behalf of Charity Fonts to help raise money for Save the Children...


Fangtasia font

Witness the re-VAMPed 2013 version now fully kerned reworked glyphs with narrower neon tubes for all you TRUEblood fans out there. This font based on the neon light from outside the TRUEblood vampire bar...

Clash Dinosaurs

Clash Dinosaurs font

My own version of the excellent Title Font from “Clash of the Dinosaurs” on Discovery in 2011 a great TV show with a great looking font one of my first fan-fonts.



VIDEO PIRACY IT’S A CRIME !…. I have always loved the font used for the BBFC trailer on the front end of all DVD’s and Blu Ray discs couldn’t find it anywhere on the...



Created for the sheer pleasure of trying to make a font using only variations of circles and ellipses I managed all but the G then I had the idea of using a Golf club...


LOL! font

Not much of a SMS TXT message sender myself however I kept putting LOL at the end of my TXT messages and on facebook to say Lots of Love then a friend told me...

NFL Jaguars

NFL Jaguars font

Created from an CAD image from a forum post request by Nick just for fun always wanted to create an outline font based on the college effect @



CLIMAXED is a Charity Font created to raise awareness and help with much needed fundraising through the power of Donationware Fonts. Don’t Forget World Aids Day 1st December 2012 give whatever you can using...


Thundercats-Ho! font

Based on the Childrens TV show of the same name from the 1980’s…Check out the 2011 remake on Saturday @ 11am… ThunderCats-Ho! 00A1- Panthro, 00A2- Cheetara, 00A3- Tigra, 00A4- Lion-O, 00A5- WilyKit, 00A6- WilyKat,...

Skyfall Done

Skyfall Done font

Loved the film and the theme tune by Adele so I created this fan-font for all Bond Fans out there shaken not stirred !!!