Qebab Shadow FFP

Qebab Shadow FFP Font
Qebab Shadow FFP font
Qebab Shadow FFP font

Free for personal use - 2 font files



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Qebab Shadow FFP font
Qebab Shadow FFP font
Qebab Shadow FFP font
Qebab Shadow FFP 1

Qebab is a very thick Sans-serif shady typography. The font has many currency symbols including Bitcoin symbol. Very readable perfect display font for headlines.

Quebab es una tipografía Sans serif, muy gruesa con sombra. La fuente dispone de muchos símbolos monetarios incluido el Bitcoin. Tipografía display muy legible, perfecta para grandes titulares.
• Numbers available on my website.
• Only for personal use FFP.
• Commercial version available: Regular & Italic. 1050 glyphs. OpenType features, Cyrillic & Greek Alphabet
Numbers download FFP: Qebab Shadow Fonts


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