Wacamóler Font
Wacamóler font

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Wacamóler font
Wacamóler font
Wacamóler font
Wacamóler 1

Wacamóler is a typeface Wild West. Small caps inspired by the opening credits of the western: Winchester ’73 directed by Anthony Mann in 1950, this font designs and get Saloon old posters or graphics environments that make you remember the days of the colonization of the American West.
Wacamóler es una tipografía del salvaje oeste, versalita inspirada en los títulos de crédito iniciales del western Winchester ’73 dirigido por Anthony Mann en 1950.
The commercial version has 500 glyphs (Latin Extended) Open Type includes functions for ligatures, alternate letters, old style numbers, fractions, and the Greek alphabet.
• Numbers available on my web.
• Free for personal use.
• Commercial license available.
Wacamóler Caps, a movie typography


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